I get it. Being a dynamic female entrepreneur or business coach means juggling a multitude of tasks, leaving little room for the intricacies of a comprehensive course launch. In a world that demands action, your business can't afford to wait.

Your time is precious, and so is your business – let's make sure both shine with a launch strategy that says, "lets do this thing!"

*ENTER* my course support service – crafted with your success in mind.

You're wanting to launch a new course or program, but either time is not on your side or you lack the marketing support, right?

let me guess

Imagine a launch experience where you’re not bogged down by every detail, but instead, harnessing the expertise of a seasoned partner to streamline and accelerate your processes.

It’s about more than just efficiency – it’s about transforming your course into a centerpiece of profitability. With a dedicated expert by your side, delays become a thing of the past.

Leave the overwhelm behind and step into a future where ambition meets strategic acceleration. Your course has the potential to thrive, and with proven expertise, it will. Let’s embark on this journey together – where success is not just a goal but an expectation.

Unleash Your Course's Profit Potential Through Streamlined Marketing Support

For the ambitious and the bold

Hey there, I'm Nichole, but you can call me Nikki! With a decade in marketing, I'm not just a strategist; I'm your financial partner in course success. Having propelled 8-figure startups and orchestrated million-dollar campaigns for corporate giants, I don't just create launches; I craft experiences, fusing strategic marketing with bold brand personalities.

I build lasting strategies for entrepreneurs and driven creatives, empowering informed decisions. With me, you don't just get a strategist; you get proven excellence without the fluff.

Helping you turn your audience into sales

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Application form creation (if applicable)

3-Email Flodesk Marketing Funnel Campaign Set Up

1 long-form sales page

Course in a Day

*NOTE: Images and website copy is required to start your website project, whether is is created by you or by a copywriter*

Course branding mini kit

Social Media graphic announcement set

3x $550
payment plan

Social Media strategy assistance

Option to add on copywriting

A launch strategy that empowers you, inspires you, and transforms your course into a revenue powerhouse.

An aesthetic that captures attention and a strategy that turns heads and leaves you booked out for weeks.

A 'one-of-a-kind' experience that gives you confidence and does your course justice down to every last detail.

The kind of strategy that makes your ideal participant not only enroll but invest wholeheartedly in your success.

A marketing plan that feels like a well-guided journey and an exhilarating adventure simultaneously.

The easiest course launch you've ever done

Turn your launch dreams into a reality

Be fearless. Be bold. Outgrow, outrun and outdo. With the only one-on-one course launch experiences made for business women building an empire.

The experience your course has been craving

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Designer. Brand Strategist. Marketer. Dreamer. Do-er.